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First Reconciliation and First Communion Committee

Families of 2nd graders!
Your child(ren) will be making their First Communion this school year in the weeks following Easter!

Background Information
Originally formed in 2000 by interested parents and other members of the parish, the FCC supports an important part of the Sacramental preparation for all children of the parish. This support is supplemental to the Sacramental catechesis taught in the classroom and applies only to those children of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton parish, those in the parish school, and the Sunday Parish Religious Education Program (PRP). Each year we prepare about 50 children in 2nd grade for the Sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Communion.

Before the year 2000, most of the support for the Sacramental preparation came primarily from the teachers in the 2nd Grade of the school with some support from the PRP teachers, the pastor, and the Director of Religious Education (DRE). Since students of both St. Elizabeth Seton and St. Andrew attended the school, the need to supply celebration preparation in addition to Sacramental Catechesis became too much to ask the teachers alone to support. Hence the FCC for St. Elizabeth Seton was created. The FCC is composed primarily of parents of second graders, along with the DRE and CRE and other interested parishoners. The FCC plans two retreats, parent informational meetings, and coordinates planning for the services and Masses.


Call the parish office 513.575.0119 or email Patty Norris, DRE,

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